Policies and Guidance:

*As UNG’s FIRST chartered Shared Interest Group (SIG), NGCCA is voluntarily a part of the greater and future circle of member SIG’s that will come into existence to support other interests of University alumni, such as nursing or athletics, etc. We operate under guidelines created and published by the university in The Shared Interest Group Resource Guide, which can be found on the University alumni web site. UNG expectations of a Shared Interest Group are to be an independent, volunteer driven organization with disciplined organizational practices.

*NGCCA is not specifically authorized by the University to be a fund raising vehicle separate from the University of North Georgia Foundation and all of the specific cells of giving that the Foundation manages for the University. Any monies that NGCCA generates beyond our own operating necessities will be gifted to the Foundation in a timely fashion and specifically directed by NGCCA to apply to interests in meaningful support of the UNG Corps of Cadets. Furthermore, through this understanding, NGCCA will focus on “friend-raising” and will guide and inform our membership to assist the Corps directly and in areas of specific interest to both NGCCA and the Commandant of Cadets. This assistance is planned to be both financial and through face to face interaction, service and special events.

*It is the sincere hope of NGCCA leadership that Alumni interest in the Corps of Cadets, past, present and future will soon become widespread and remembering the Cadet experience will be the center of gravity for a membership numbering in the thousands. Given the lifetime rewards most former Cadets have enjoyed through the doorway of the Cadet experience, giving back to the Corps through the auspices of NGCCA is a natural, exciting and renewable enterprise. We hope that you will agree.