We go virtual in September, but LIVE in February!

Boar's Head-Corps Alumni Weekend 2020, sponsored by the North Georgia Corps of Cadets Association (NGCCA) returns for the fifth year to the UNG Dahlonega campus and the world of Covid precautions! 

While we wait for our "normal" to reemerge we continue with the goal of connecting current Cadets and former Cadets during a limited list of weekend events.




Saturday morning at Achasta. We have 8 spots remaining as of Saturday, 19 September.  First tee time is 11:00 a.m. 

We have 4 Cadets, a member of the Military Staff, UNG Development Staff and alumni playing. The plan is to meet at 9:30 a.m. to fellowship, enjoy a biscuit from Chick-Fil-A & hit practice balls before we tee it up!!  The cost of the round is $53.



Show time 9:30 a.m.

(Achasta Country Club has informed us that we will be required to ride 2 players to a golf cart.

Cadets that play will ride together.)


Text Alan at (678) 480-0967 to sign up.



We will once again provide a world class guest speaker to motivate and inspire our Cadets of the Boar's Head Brigade!!

In keeping with campus restrictions "FIRST CALL"

will be a "broadcast only" event attended virtually by every Cadet.  

Our speaker is Col. Andrew Morgan, currently an American astronaut, recently returned from the International Space Station.

See his impressive resume' here or place mouse over picture:




Alumni who wish to attend IN PERSON, on campus,

may attend a live viewing in the Convocation Center.


Commandant Joe Matthews & NGCCA will host,

up to a maximum of 40 attendees, in Multi-purpose Rooms 217, 218 & 219 to view the presentation. Light refreshments will be provided.

Text Alan at (678) 480-0967 if you would like to attend!

Col. Andrew Morgan

Featured Guest Speaker Bio >

To personally view "First Call" click here  



BOAR'S HEAD-CORPS ALUMNI WEEKEND is normally the occasion of the first review of the UNG academic year and recognizes Distinguished Military Students. With the cancellation of summer camp, this year's review will not include DMS recognition but will be conducted in front of the new reviewing stand!! 

NGCCA Chairman Jeff Dill '85 has been invited by the Commandant to deliver this year's address to Cadets and honored guests!!


Chairman Dill will present NGCCA's sabre, the "Keeper of the Corps" to the Brigade Commander and NGCCA members will present Boar's Head Commemorative Belt Buckles to each senior cadet. Buckles will be presented by alumni who were once members of the respective units.


NGCCA leadership hopes to see many Corps Alumni in attendance at the review.

The Commandant has asked that all review attendees please register their intention in order to assist in abiding by Covid 19 courtesies. 

This registration is simply to help estimate the crowd size and to aid in advance preparation.



Changes to this year's BOAR'S HEAD-CORPS ALUMNI WEEKEND events:

Distinguished Military Student Banquet:

After contract Cadets complete summer camp requirements this Fall, the Professor of Military Science will announce Distinguished Military Students for this academic year!!


NGCCA & the UNG Alumni Association (UNGAA) will host the 

Annual DMS Banquet in February, 2021, TBA. 



First Call:

Commandant of Cadets Joe Matthews has asked NGCCA to stage another "First Call" event for the same February weekend in 2021!! NGCCA looks forward to the appearance of retired Staff Sgt. and 

Medal of Honor Winner David Bellavia!! 


Two guest speakers in one year!! 




NGCCA intends to present the full schedule of Networking/Mentoring sessions along with the other events scheduled in February, 2021.



Annual Membership Meeting:

Our Annual Membership Meeting is rescheduled for 

5 December, 2020 and will be held both virtually and in person for interested members to attend. We are planning a social event (not virtual) at the conclusion of the meeting and will announce details soon. 

At this meeting we will elect new members to the Board of Directors and our 4th Chairman along with other business. It is a "must attend" for engaged supporters of the Association and the Boar's Head Brigade.

NGCCA is an UNG Shared Interest Group currently numbering about 350 Corps of Cadets alumni, friends and associates dedicated to preserving the great legacy of leadership provided by UNG's Corps of Cadets. 



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Phone: (678) 480-0960

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