As you navigate this site, it is our hope that you will learn that the time is indeed right for the formation of such an organization. If you are a former Cadet, the intent of NGCCA is that your memory will be stirred and your recollection of a completely unique experience in your young life will return to the forefront along with the memory of the bonds created by that journey through the ranks of the Corps of Cadets.

We hope that you will review the names of our members and contact a classmate or former Cadet leader to hear what the NGCCA is really about and how you need to add your name to these rolls. You may also contact any member of the Board of Directors at any time to address your questions and help guide you toward membership. While we have instituted modest annual dues, our main mission is not about direct fund raising, as you will learn within the pages of this site.

Of all the military colleges that have stayed the course through the many decades and through parts of three centuries, the North Georgia Corps of Cadets experience is recognized as “unique” in ways that people still attempt to capture in words that do justice to the experience. Of the VMI’s, Norwich’s, Citadels, etc. the North Georgia Corps of Cadets experience is singularly ARMY and therefore, focused on the leadership needs of the US ARMY, US Army Reserves & National Guard. This fact has no doubt contributed to the style of leadership for which veterans of the North Georgia Corps of Cadets are famous and are famously successful in every walk of life and in every branch of the United States military service.

We, the members of the Board of Directors, inaugural members, members and associate members are very excited about the possibilities to “REMEMBER THE CORPS”, want you to become part of this organization and put “hands on” toward the goal of properly celebrating our Cadet experience and faithfully preserving that experience for the leaders of tomorrow.

John E. Douglas, SR

NGC ‘64

Chairman Emeritus

NGCCA is honored to be the first Shared Interest Group (SIG) confirmed for UNG.



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