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Remember the Corps!

The leadership of NGCCA appreciates the opportunity we are being given by the Commandant to support and preserve the UNG Corps of Cadets. We are receiving strong support from all areas of University leadership and are encouraged by our own level of participation. It is imperative that we develop a relationship not only with University leadership but directly with Cadets to the greatest extent possible in the future. We will often be called upon for physical presence on the campus and it is our hope that we as an organization will respond and grow in our responses to the events and opportunities to come. 

We particularly appreciate the support we are receiving from Col.(ret) Tom Palmer in his role as Commandant. He has been in our corner since we first asked to be included in the Cadet future at UNG. We are actively working to expand our role in support of the Corps and will include this information on this section of the website.
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